Gain Industrial Customers With HVAC Rental Services

Your industrial customers know that sweltering temperatures can affect the efficient operation of a plant, draining away mechanical productivity, increasing emissions and even causing premature equipment failure and breakdowns. Worker productivity and safety are also adversely affected by heat, particularly in confined spaces. In short: heat can increase risk and reduce the bottom line. What your customers might not know is that power & HVAC rental services can provide an effective solution for climate control needs that have a seasonal component or are required on an emergency basis. Temporary chillers and air conditioning systems make it possible to efficiently and economically cool equipment, processes and workers for just a few days, weeks or several months. And because rental is a temporary solution, it can be employed strategically without an over-commitment of resources. According to Jason Barao, United Rentals Power & HVAC district manager - Southeast, customers need to be reminded that it can be far more practical to rent than make a capital purchase of the same equipment, because it gives a manager the flexibility to balance budget concerns with production limitations. It can also provide a bridge to a long-term equipment solution that is waiting for approval on capital or budget financing. Like any capital equipment, the purchase of industrial-grade chillers, generators and other HVAC equipment carries many associated costs, including maintenance, parts, storage, labor, and risk management. In some regions of North America, it may make sense to assume those costs. But for many plants, a mobile, turnkey, rental cooling system addresses the seasonal nature of the need without compromise. Have you considered this potential revenue stream for your rental business? If you're interested in cultivating a solid industrial customer base, it might be time to start thinking about power and HVAC rental services.