880 and 881 Cut-Off Machines

Electronic ignition automatically primes the carburetor at startup, sets the choke by measuring the engine temperature, and adjusts the carburetor to provide optimum fuel mix

881 2
Solo 11294059

The newest chapter in German manufacturer Solo Kleinmotoren's 60 years of experience building small two-stroke engines for chainsaws, sprayers, blowers and the like is a new line of chop saws. Electronic ignition automatically primes the carburetor at startup, sets the choke by measuring the engine temperature, and adjusts the carburetor to provide optimum fuel mix. Model 881 comes with the iLube system that mixes fuel on-board from separate oil and gasoline tanks.

  • Available in both 12- and 14-in. sizes
  • 81 cc Solo two-stroke engine rated 5.4 hp 
  • Decompression valve
  • Multi-stage air filter system has a patented twin-pipe-interceptor that constantly blows dust away from the machine
  • Poly-V, ribbed belt drive
  • Rubber-covered anti-vibration handles with five steel springs 
  • Solo engine has Nikasil-coated cylinder and two-ring Mahle-piston intended to stretch service life