Guarda Edge Cutoff Saw Collects Dust Slurry in the Guard

Patented Tri-Vac technology pipes water to the blade guard and vacuums the slurry away for respirator-less cutting

Guarda Edge

Patented Tri-Vac technology on the Guarda Edge Power Cutter is said to be the industry’s first wet saw that captures slurry during the cutting process. An extraction hose is connected to the blade guard via a shroud and a wet-vacuum is connected to the other end. During cutting, water is delivered inside the blade guard, mixing with dust to create slurry. The slurry is extracted down the hose and into the wet-vac during cutting. Guarda measurements suggest respirators would not need to be worn using this saw even indoors all day. With superb slurry control, cleanup is minimal. Saw and blade guard move independently, allowing the blade guard to sit flush to the cutting surface more of each cut.

  • Only about 1% of slurry escapes the blade guard
  • Silica dust measured at 8-hour TWA less than 0.01mg/m3
  • Exhaust fumes funneled down the waste tube
  • Fumes cooled with airflow and water
  • Exhaust manifold remains cool to touch
  • Suitable for 15-in. blades with a 6-in. cutting depth


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