Dynamic Systems Releases Checkmate Tracking Systems ROI Calculator

Calculator allows companies to plug in their particulars to determine if Checkmate tool tracking systems can save them money

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Track Tools, Inventory, Documents & Plans
Track Tools, Inventory, Documents & Plans
Dynamic Systems, Inc. introduces its calculator designed to help contractors understand in dollars what Checkmate Tracking Systems, bar-code-reader software for tracking tools and equipment, can do for their bottom lines.
The calculator allows companies to plug in their particulars such as number of field personnel, tool inventory and losses. It includes an FAQ section that describes how easy the software is to use, how much training is involved, what type of labels are available, and other options.   
Checkmate is built for contractors, cleaning and restoration companies that want to reduce the loss of tools and equipment and track consumable inventory. The Maintenance Module tracks service performed and due on equipment and improves performance and productivity in the field.