V Series Vertical Light Tower

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The V Series vertical light tower from Allmand Bros. is has a compact trailer including a seven-section lighting tower that telescopes and retracts vertically. The mast can be raised or lowered in just 20 seconds and does not lay down for transportation or storage. Mast and light fixtures stay within the footprint of the trailer even when lowered. Vertical-only design reduces shipping and storage costs as well as the potential for damage. In addition, the light fixtures can be adjusted from the ground to the angle and direction as desired before being extended, making accurate fixture adjustments fast and simple. Fixtures hold their adjusted position and can be operated at any height. Safety is enhanced as the tower does not lie down and overhang the rear of the enclosure; design also eliminates potential pinch points. The fluid containment trailer design reduces potential for accidental liquid spills. Ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas; helps protect against costly cleanup and regulatory fines. Includes SHO-HD lamp fixture with standard 1250 watt system. Produces 150,000 lumens per lamp. Available as an option on the Night-Lite PRO series, Maxi-Lite series and standard on all Maxi-Lite EX models.

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