Quick-Connect Spray Tip Set

Hyde Turbo Nozzle Spray Tips 10777161

Hyde's Quick-Connect Spray Tip Set is a set of five spray tips for spray angles from 0 to 65 degrees.

  • Fit gas and electric versions of Hyde PivotWant and most consumer-grade, electric and gas pressure washers with 1/4-in. quick-connect technology
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel spray tips with industry-standard color-coding to designate spray angles
  • Includes: 0° red, concentrated pencil jet; 15° yellow, high performance; 25° green, multi-purpose; 40° white, sensitive surfaces; and 65° black, low pressure detergent application tips
  • 1/4-in. male plug snaps into a 1/4-in. quick-disconnect female coupler at end of wand
  • Set available in orifice sizes of 3.0 (item #28303) and 4.0 (item #28304)
  • Comes with nozzle holder
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