DV-600c Power Prime Pump

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Rain for Rent announces its newest high-flow pumping innovation, the DV-600c Power Prime pump. This portable, centrifugal 30x24-inch pump is the largest-flow pump available for rent or sale in the US. With a flow rate up to 28,000 gpm, the DV-600c Power Prime pump is idealfor large pumping projects. This pump produces 96-feet of head, suction lifts up to 28-feet, handles solids up to 5.25-inches, and is 87% efficient. With a footprint of 170-square feet, smaller than some lower-volume pumps, the DV-600c can be easily transported by truck. A 430-gallon integral fuel cell allows for 22-hour run time. Combine the DV-600c with Rain for Rent tanks and pipe for a complete solution to your customers' liquid-handling problems.

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