Diagrip2 Diamond Blades and Bits

Husqvarna claims its new diamond blades, with optimal distribution of diamonds and specially designed segments, will cut up to 30% faster than existing blades

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Husqvarna says it uses a high concentration of diamonds in its new Diagrip2 diamond saw blades to get up to 30 percent faster cutting speed and significantly longer life than competing diamond tools. Diamonds are evenly distributed in the segments around the tool so cutting edges are constantly exposed. Segments are designed to transport slurry, which helps maintain cutting speed and longer tool life.

  • Significant speed increase, with a good balance of speed and life
  • Husqvarna will us Diagrip2 technology in wall saw blades, floor saw blades, power cutter blades and drill bits
  • 1400 Diagrip2 series replaces the Husqvarna 1200 Diagrip series
  • Diagrip2 power cutter series S 1400 will be available spring 2013


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