Boom Lifts - Rental March 2009

Equipment Rental - Boom Lifts

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AB46 Articulated Boom Lift


The updated AB46 articulated, self-propelled boom is offered as an electric two-wheel-drive or diesel-powered four-wheel-drive version.

  • 52-ft. 9-in. working height and 24-ft. 7-in. outreach, with a 5-ft. 140° jib
  • Multi-functioning boom operation via two separate pumps
  • 1-ft. 11-in. inside turning radius
  • Improvements include a stronger jib weldment, traditional pinion and swing bearing, Helac rotary platform actuator, fully proportional controls and electric emergency lowering unit





The LiftPod combines the portability of a ladder with the stability of a work platform.

  • Enclosed platform with a work tray and a 14-ft. working height
  • Can be transported between work sites in a truck, and around the work site on wheels
  • Each of the three modules weighs about 50 lbs. and can be assembled in less than 30 seconds
  • Elevation controlled by a battery-operated drill or optional battery pack


JLG Industries, Inc.

S-80 and S-85 Telescopic Booms


The redesigned S-80 and S-85 feature a virtual pivot boom design that keeps the weight of the boom over the chassis’ center of gravity as it elevates.

  • Eliminates need for extra counterweight and reduces overall weight
  • Improved control system with boom angle sensors
  • Shotgun-style cylinder boom assembly replaced with a single cylinder and sequencing cable system
  • Active oscillating axle provides better traction in rough terrain
  • Fixed-width axle allows for an 8-ft. 2-in. total width


Genie Industries

SJ 61T/SJ 66T Boom Lifts


The SJ 61T/SJ 66T offer greater terrainability utilizing the axle-based four-wheel-drive system, which features a "Detroit Locker" type rear differential and limited-slip front differential.

  • Intuitive direction sensing drive and steer control system and 45° steering angle deliver a very tight turning radius
  • 65-hp Deutz diesel engine
  • Features include 50% gradeability, an oscillating axle, 360° turret rotation and proportional controls
  • Optional 3.5-kW generator and welder-ready package



TL37 and TL49K


The UpRight TL37 and TL49K trailers are articulated boom lifts featuring 43- and 55-ft. working heights.

  • Lightweight TL37 features a stable, in-line boom and hydraulic outriggers, jib and powered cage rotation as standard
  • TL49K offers a robust, heavy-duty boom and a variety of power options, including bi-energy
  • Designed for simple repair and maintenance


UpRight USA

UniLift Boom Lifts


The UniLift battery-powered, trailer-mounted boom lifts feature working heights up to 42 ft. with 360° effective coverage.

  • Telescopic and articulated models available
  • Enable quick conversion for use as a universal crane
  • Power jack setup option allows for quick, easy outrigger setup
  • Built-in charger with automatic shut-off
  • Unit weights less than 3,000 lbs. enable towing behind a pickup truck and easy maneuvering in and out of tight areas


LDC Industries, Inc.



The self-propelled 36XT telescopic boom and 45XA articulating boom provide 45% gradeability, 3.5-mph drive speed and four-wheel-drive capability.

  • Hydraulic outriggers allow setup in less than 30 seconds
  • 4,900-lb. 36XT offers a 43-ft. working height and 32-ft. maximum outreach
  • 4,580-lb. 45XA provides a 51-ft. working height and 27-ft. maximum outreach
  • No CDL required for towing


Bil-Jax, Inc.