JLG 600 Series Hi-Capacity Boom Lifts

New models help to maximize productivity on the job

JLG 600S
JLG 600S
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The 60-ft. 600S and 600AJ and the 66-ft. 660SJ come standard with a 660-lb. unrestricted capacity zone and 750- and 1,000-lb. restricted capacity zones, allowing operators to bring more tools and personnel to the work area.

  • Rated for three occupants in all three zones.
  • ANSI 92.20 compliant and heavier in weight than their standard model counterparts while retaining the same footprint
  • Load sensing system (LSS) limits operation when the platform is overloaded, automatically keeping operation within the allowable work envelope
  • Do not require placing a load in the platform to recalibrate the load sensing system
  • LED display for improved visibility of the platform and ground consoles during operation
  • Displays adjust brightness based on ambient light for maximum visibility and operator comfort
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