Lifting Industry Raises Awareness

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association announces Global Lifting Awareness Day 2024 to be Thursday, July 18.

#GLAD2024 - Lifting Industry Raises Awareness
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The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) established as an event where members, manufacturers, and suppliers to promote safe and high-quality load lifting across the world. To celebrate this, Global Lifting Awareness Day will be recognized this year on July 18. Social media posts, videos, articles, and in-person activity will be bound by the hashtag "#GLAD2024". 

Recognizing that the growth of safety and elimination of accidents, injuries and fatalities falls collectively in the hands of operators, messaging will be positioned more squarely on the point of use than in four prior stagings of the event. #GLAD2024 - Lifting Industry Raises AwarenessLifting Equipment Engineers Association

Cranes, hoists, rigging gear, and height safety hardware are central to safe operations. In the announcement, Ross Moloney, CEO at LEEA, wants to take the idea behind GLAD to a globally recognized movement. Moloney adds, "we must now energize more people with lifting equipment in their hands and on their person, as well as those responsible for sourcing it.” The latest campaign messaging harmonizes with the launch of new promotional graphics that center on the truism that end-user marketplaces need the lifting industry and vice versa in terms of elevating the profile of the annual awareness day. 

Moloney explains, “There are kindred spirits at both ends of the supply chain. The lifting industry needs equipment users to spread our message, central to which is that the safe application of our technologies and solutions is their lifeblood too. Where would construction be without cranes, or wind energy without height safety equipment, or wet logistics without all kinds of lifting gear? You Need the Lifting Industry; The Lifting Industry Needs You.”

This year’s campaign trail already includes two announcements from LEEA on skills and employment. They are encouraging everyone at allevels of the supply chain to celebrate their involvement in the lifting industry with the #GLAD2024 hashtag. 

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