Manitowoc Cranes Selects Telogis to Power Upgraded Telematics Solution

Global CraneSTAR Express monitors and tracks Manitowoc crane operational data to determine how and where a crane is used

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To allow enhanced visibility into a crane’s activities in the field, Manitowoc Cranes has selected Telogis’ award-winning location intelligence platform technology exclusively to power its upgraded telematics solution. The new offering, Global CraneSTAR Express powered by Telogis will give operations and project managers a comprehensive level of visibility into their most valuable field assets.

The technology works by monitoring and tracking unique Manitowoc crane operational data to determine how and where a crane is used. It also tracks how many hours it is in use and then transmits all that information back to the home office so it can be reported and analyzed. For project managers who can be hundreds of miles away from a jobsite, this new solution will provide a whole new level of visibility into the day-to-day operations of their crane assets. The platform will be translated into eight languages at launch.

“Advances in crane control systems make this solution a must-have for all your assets,” said John Alexander, CraneSTAR Product Director at Manitowoc Cranes. “The ability to automatically monitor and report on activities such as hours of use, fuel usage and idle time provides asset managers with the up-to-date information they need to drive productivity and effectively plan maintenance tasks.”

Hours of use information is particularly critical when scheduling maintenance for cranes; without accurate data, cranes can depreciate more quickly through overuse and cause unforeseen delays and work stoppages that are costly to all parties. With the new Global CraneSTAR Express offering, managers receive actionable information in real time just by logging into the system.

With existing hardware infrastructure and the mechanisms required to capture key telematics data built into the original CraneSTAR system from Manitowoc, the solution now benefits from Telogis’ award-winning SaaS-based enterprise software solutions that bring value to Manitowoc customers that require very specific and customized information from their assets. Global CraneSTAR Express powered by Telogis will be deployed on specific Manitowoc models worldwide, and localized into seven languages.

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