Genie Introduces Five New Booms to Its XC Line

In addition to five new booms, Genie unveiled its Genie Tech Pro Link hand-held diagnostics tool, and the Genie Lift Power system that includes a new generation of hydraulically driven generators.

Genie S 85 Xc Telescopic Boom

Genie/Terex AWP hosted a press event at its Oklahoma City manufacturing facility this week, introducing four new telescopic booms and its first articulating boom to its Xtra Capacity (XC) line designed to offer greater lift capacity while meeting new ANSI standards. The company also unveiled its Genie Tech Pro Link hand-held diagnostics tool, and the Genie Lift Power system that includes a new generation of hydraulically driven generators.

Four new telescopic booms

The S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80 XC and S-85 XC booms now offer a dual-lift capacity of 660-lbs. (300 kg) unrestricted and 1,000-lbs. (454 kg) restricted. And, the Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) feature gives customers the ability to work with up to three people onboard while still leaving room for tools and jobsite materials.

“The XC nomenclature lets customers know that the new Genie S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80 XC and S-85 XC models comply with the overload restriction guidelines in the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards,” says Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP. “And thanks to updates in the design and technology of these new booms, these Genie XC models can carry more load — 660-lbs. (300 kg) unrestricted and 1,000-lbs. (454 kg) restricted capacity than their predecessors. Genie XC booms are designed to perform.”

New to this generation of telescopic booms, these four new Genie XC models feature automatic envelope control. This is the ability to automatically retract as the booms reach their operating envelope, allowing for simple platform positioning and an enhanced operator’s experience. And, they are equipped with a load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, all while boasting the ability to do zero load field calibrations.

The Genie S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80 XC and S-85 XC booms also boast an expanded working zone thanks to a new chassis tilt sensor incorporated into the machines’ function. This unique chassis tilt sensing technology gives operators access to different ranges of motion based on the chassis angle. And, it is engineered to automatically cut-out certain lift and drive functions of the machines when the tilt activation setting is reached. “Equipped with this new technology, these four new Genie XC booms will not only carry more load than ever before but will also be able to maximize access hard-to-reach work areas on challenging jobsites,” adds Gilmor.

New articulating boom for North America

New to North America, the Genie Z-45 XC boom is the redesigned Xtra Capacity version of the popular rough-terrain Genie Z-45/25 J RT diesel-powered articulating boom. And, it's the first Genie XC articulated boom model, boasting the benefits of a dual-envelope design to provide an unrestricted platform capacity of 660 lbs. (300 kg) and a restricted capacity of 1,000 lbs. (454 kg), to be introduced to the market.

Providing operators with the ability to perform a wider range of heavier lift and access tasks on rough terrain, using a single machine — without the support of other equipment, the Genie Z-45 XC articulated boom is well-suited for aerial applications on unfinished construction sites,” says Marie Engstrom, Genie product manager, Terex AWP.

Offering a maximum working height of 51 ft. 6 in. (15.9 m), a maximum horizontal outreach of 24 ft. 9 in. (7.55 m) and an up-and-over clearance of 24 ft. 7 in. (7.5 m), this new Genie XC unit boasts the benefits of a dual-envelope design, providing an unrestricted load capacity of 660 lbs. (300 kg) and a restricted capacity of 1,000 lbs. (454 kg). This capacity easily lifts operators, tools and materials to aerial worksites.

This model also features the unique Genie full-time, positive drive traction and an updated oscillating axle system. The refined oscillating axle system is designed to enhance the machine’s terrainability, particularly on rough terrain or hills, providing the Genie Z-45 XC boom with up to 45% gradeability on undeveloped jobsites. Keeping all four wheels on the ground, this machine will climb better in challenging conditions.

Offering the cost-effective parts commonality and serviceability benefits shared by many Genie products, the Genie Z-45 XC boom comes equipped with a standard Deutz D2.9L4 48 hp (35.8 kW) and can be driven at full height with up to a 660-lb (300 kg) load. Other key features of this new Genie XC articulated boom unit include a tight turning radius and zero tail swing to provide the maneuverability required to work efficiently in confined areas, complete with a self-leveling platform with 160° hydraulic platform rotation and rough terrain tires.

Tech Pro Link diagnostics tool

The new Genie Tech Pro Link hand-held diagnostics tool allows users to monitor a machine’s sensors, including engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels and battery voltage, calibrate the machine, make speed adjustments during pre-operation inspection, receive fault code information and so much more — all from the palm of a technician’s hand.

“The Genie Tech Pro Link device is currently compatible for use with the CAN-enabled control systems on mid-sized Genie S telescopic XC booms,” says Harrison Jenkins, Genie engineering manager, Terex AWP. “The information is readily available without having to navigate layers and layers of menu structure. It is designed to provide real-time information that will keep our new Genie XC boom lifts up and running, maximizing operators’ productivity.”

The Genie Tech Pro Link device is designed to work independently of a laptop, giving a service technician immediate access Maintenance, Faults, Settings and Sensors from the home screen. Future capability will allow technicians to download the data to a laptop or desktop computer for additional analysis and tracking.

Engineered for intuitive operation, the keypad provides users simple navigation to get to the information they want, and the consistent menu structure means that users can access the data at any time. Its large display screen provides in-depth information, graphics and icons to describe what is going on with the machine, as well as allows users to easily view the machine’s data.

Its ergonomic, angled design enables service technicians to comfortably hold it in one hand, either the right or the left, even while wearing gloves.

Hydraulically driven generators 

The new Genie Lift Power system includes a new generation of hydraulically driven generators is designed for contractors who rely on productive power at the platform to get their work done.

“This new configuration is a significantly different design from its predecessor system,” says Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP. “Instead of relying on the lift or drive hydraulic circuit, this new generator system runs on a stand-alone circuit with a separate hydraulic pump to supply continuous electrical power from the generator. This contemporary accessory allows our customers to drive and reposition the machine, raise the boom and power tools, such as heavy-duty welders, simultaneously for increased productivity.”

The new Genie Lift Power system includes a dedicated hydraulic circuit, including a third hydraulic pump separate from the lift and drive hydraulic pumps, a right-sized breaker and no pressure switch. When boom operators turn on the generator, the dedicated pump drives hydraulic fluid to the generator, which spins to produce power.

“This modernized generator system requires much less time to spool up — power is almost immediately available with the flip of a switch,” says Gilmor. “And, it offers increased productivity that translates to no power interruptions when using the generator to power tools, including during welding processes.”

Gilmor adds: “When boom operators turn off the generator, the system’s dedicated hydraulic pump is engineered to continuously run, cycling hydraulic oil through the oil cooler which cools and filters the oil back to the machine’s hydraulic tank. This modern design runs the unit reliably, efficiently supplying power when it’s needed.

“And to positively impact the total cost of ownership over the life of the unit, the Genie Lift Power system requires minimal upkeep, only needing attention at required preventive maintenance intervals as prescribed in the Genie owners and service manuals,” Gilmor says.