Discover Expands to Serve Powered Access Market

Discover Innovative Battery Solutions strengthened its European network with service suppliers in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland to better serve the powered access market.

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Discover Innovative Battery Solutions, an International battery specialist, has expanded its European operation over the past 12 months to better serve the powered access market.

Based out of the Netherlands, the company has recently strengthened its European network with the appointment of several service suppliers in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland. It has also added four new product and business development managers to its team as it looks to provide increased levels of technical and customer support throughout Europe.

Based in Italy, Stefano Giuliani will be responsible for south Europe, southeast Europe, and France, while Netherlands-based Johan van den Hartert will be responsible for Benelux and the Nordics. Alex Marotz takes responsibility for Germany, while Peter White is appointed to cover the United Kingdom and eastern European markets.

“As a market leader in motive power, we have a long and successful history of supplying batteries to the North American and the Asian powered access market, with leading manufacturers such as JLG, Genie, Sinoboom, and Skyjack  all benefiting from our advanced products," Lee Adams, president of Discover Battery, said. "Following our recent appointments in Europe, we are confident we can replicate this level of success as we look to provide the same performance, reliability and cost-saving benefits that our other international customers have come to expect.”

Discover Battery will now offer its extensive range of sealed deep-cycle Dry Cell, Gel, and AES Lithium batteries to the European powered access market. Benefits offered over traditional flooded lead-acid batteries often used in electric boom and scissor lifts include significantly reduced maintenance, higher operating voltages, longer runtimes and the ability to withstand deep discharges. They have also been designed to cope with real-world challenges of electric boom and scissor lift applications and the demanding environments they are used in.

“The access platform market is extremely harsh for batteries as they have to withstand high levels of dust, humidity, extreme temperatures and vibration," White added. "The nature of how the platforms are used also inevitably leads to examples of being operated with partial state of charge. This normally causes major problems for most batteries. However, Discover has dedicated all of its knowledge and expertise over the past 20 years on developing batteries perfectly suited to cope with these conditions.”

Tested to international standards, Discover’s range of batteries maximize run times without compromising lifetimes. Its batteries also undergo an extended post-production assessment period prior to shipping to ensure they meet the company’s own strict quality and manufacturing standards, as well as guarantee performance. Given Discover’s original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) experience, battery charger compatibility is also taken care of. Discover can offer customers highly reliable batteries which offer excellent lifetimes and trouble-free ownership.

“This is a really interesting time to enter the European powered access market, and after building up our team and network of service suppliers we are now in a position where we can actively engage and support the needs of our existing and new customers with a range of products perfectly tailored for their use," White concluded. "We are looking forward to growing our network and product offering in Europe and have a number of exciting announcements planned for the start of next year.”

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