Vacuworx Updated RC Series Vacuum Lifting Machines

Attaches to smooth surfaces with suction force

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Four models in the Vacuworx RC line of vacuum lifting machines can lift smooth-surface materials no more porous than concrete weighing 22,000 to 44,000 lbs. Interchangeable vacuum pads form a seal against the material's surface, attaching with a suction force of about 28.94 Hg to pipe, concrete slabs, steel, rock and more for remarkable improvements in material-handling productivity.

In addition to pipes of various diameters coated with tape, tar, FBE, coal and concrete, by pulling a couple of pins and swapping to different vacuum pads, the RC10, RC12, RC16 and RC20 can handle steel piling, steel plates, concrete slabs, polished stone, cast iron, glass, marble, landscape rocks and other materials.

  • CAN bus dashboard gaugeCAN bus dashboard gaugeAdapt to multiple carriers including excavators, cranes, wheel loaders and track loaders
  • Can grip up to 120-ft. (36 m) triple pipe joints and hold the shape of limber pipes and long joints of flexible plastic pipe
  • Single-cylinder diesel engine powers the rotary vane pumps on each attachment
  • Include an electronic ignition, remote operating control and a vacuum reservoir beam that doubles as a spreader bar
  • Control and alarm systems activate audio and visual warnings and prevent further lifts if the vacuum falls below a safe working level
  • Vacuum storage reservoir allows materials to be held for 15 minutes or more under no power
  • CAN bus system provides real-time diagnostics and enhanced safety features
  • Dashboard gauge on one side of the lifter shows error codes, oil and fuel levels, pressure level, number of lifts and engine hours

Significant updates for 2020 include enhancements to the adapter that connects the lifter to the host machine:

  • Vacuworx AdapterAdapter now features removable top caps, which allows the installer to position and secure the adapter pin easily
  • Standard pin size of 110 mm plus will accommodate pin sizes down to 50 mm using bushings; adapter for 120-mm and larger pins also available
  • Flow control block incorporated into the adapter places flow controls within easy reach
  • Part of the adapter that connects to the baseplate on the lifter is now replaceable, minimizing repair time and overall cost
  • Traditional gearbox replaced with a belt drive, meaning virtually no maintenance is required




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