TH514C Telehandler

Power is supplied by a 101-hp Cat C3.4B engine that meets Tier 4 Interim regulations

Cat Th514c Telehandler Side 11119687

The TH514C telehandler is powered by a 101-hp Cat C3.4B engine that meets Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations. The unit has an operating weight of 24,890 lbs., a rated load capacity of 11,000 lbs. and a maximum lift height of 45 ft. with stabilizer down.

  • Standard Integrated-Tool-Carrier coupler or optional hydraulic coupler
  • Selectable, continuous-flow auxiliary hydraulic system to accommodate powered tols
  • Hydraulic system features a variable-displacement, load-sensing, axial-piston pump that delivers a maximum flow of 39.63 gpm at 3,626 psi
  • Full-flow sharing valve permits three hydraulic functions to be engaged simultaneously, and full hydraulic power to be developed at low engine speeds
  • Spacious, comfortable cab features intuitive controls, including a single low-effort joystick for work-took functions and a three-mode steering system
  • 4F/3R Power-shift transmission uses a torque converter to smoothly transmit the drive to the wheels

Caterpillar TH514C Telehandler Spec Sheet

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