Lift Tools Access Deck for Booms & Scissor Lifts

Elevates operators 22 in. above platform for a secondary working surface

Geniepressrelease Ara2019 Lift Tools Access Deck Scissor Lifts
Genieblublk 10643871

Genie's Lift Tools Access Deck for Z articulating booms, S telescopic booms and GS-1930 scissor lifts provides operators with a secondary working surface by elevating them 22 in. above the platform floor for more than 3 sq. ft. of additional work area in the platform. This accessory is ANSI-compliant.

  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Non-slip decking
  • Handle provides three points of contact; fold out of the way when not needed
  • Access Deck for booms weighs approximately 27 lb.; Access Deck for scissor lifts weigh approximately 25 lb.

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