Faresin Showcasing New Electric Model Telehandler at bauma 2019

Fully electric telehandler eliminates emissions and significantly reduces the noise level to improve the comfort of use indoors

Faresin Industries
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Faresin Industries is showcasing highly technological telehandler models at bauma to complete and upgrade its construction product range. The models start at a height of 6 meters to reach 17 meters with maximum load capacity from 2.6 up to 7.0 tons. Each model can be set up in different configurations that differ in performance and options.  


As an absolute world premiere for the construction sector, Faresin Industries presents the first Fully Electric telescopic handler, opening the field to a new range of uses. After years of research, the Faresin Industries R&D Centre has developed this innovative machine on the same chassis of the telescopic handler 6.26.

Faresin Telehandler ElectricBy eliminating emissions and significantly reducing the noise level, it will improve the comfort of use indoors, in historical centres, and in densely populated areas, and it will bring safety to the highest level, allowing it to be used even during activities or times where the noise of endothermic engines is today a limiting factor.

6.26 Classic 52, improved visibility

The 6.26 Classic 52 telescopic handler, a model of the Small Range, now has a newly designed engine bonnet that better dissipates the heat generated by the engine and, most importantly, improves the visibility of blind spots for the operator. An ABS enclosure has been developed, a very resistant plastic material that has led to an increase of the strength of the bonnet and an improvement of the closing handle.

8.40 VPSe 100: saving time and consumption

For the 8.40 VPSe 100 telehandler, a model of the Middle Range, the Faresin Industries R&D Centre has focused on an increase in work performance, with significant savings in time and consumption, thanks to a better utilization of hydraulic power.

  • The new Load Sensing circuit of 180 litres/min at 250 bar guarantees top-level performance in boom movements, allowing the users to manage multiple activities simultaneously without losing fluidity and without increasing consumption.
  • Thanks to the Ecofast valve that recovers the power of the hydraulic oil, the return movements of the boom have been made less demanding for the engine, thus allowing it to offer greater performance for other activities like handling, lifting, etc.
  • The engine has been upgraded and it now complies with the Stage IV / Tier 4 Final emission regulation. It is a turbocharged 4-cylinder Deutz AG, TCD 3.6 series with 100 kW of power.
  • Transmission efficiency has been increased, thanks to the latest generation of electronic control, more precise and efficient, reaching 40 km/h. High transport performance and greater flexibility of use of the machine together with lower consumption.

9.60 HLS 74: upgraded power unit

The 9.60 HLS 74 handler of the Heavy Duty Range series, a machine designed for intensive use, has been upgraded:

  • to comply with the emission regulations, by introducing the new Deutz AG TCD 3.6 series with 74.4 kW of power, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with low consumption levels
  • to facilitate manoeuvrability, by introducing an electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission with four different driving modes, 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering system, and 3 steering modes
  • to facilitate an intensive use, the hydraulic circuit has been equipped with a Load Sensing pump of 152 L/min at 250 bar

14.42 Classic 74 and 17.40 Classic 55: hydrostatic transmission for better manoeuvrability

The Big Range series boasts models capable of reaching a maximum height of 17 meters and a load capacity of up to 4.5 tons.

This model, like the one presented at the fair, the 17.40, can be equipped with 55.4 kW Deutz Stage IIIB engines, which guarantee reduced consumption, high performance, and easy maintenance, thanks to the longitudinal arrangement and the absence of AdBlue for the exhaust gas post-treatment system. In cases where greater power is required, you can opt for the 74.4 kW Stage_IV models.

The Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic transmission makes the use and performance of the machine even easier, both in precision work and in heavy work, such as the use of the bucket, for which the standard loader mode has been introduced.

The standard equipment includes front stabilizers, side leveling, and the Queen Cab, which increases visibility and comfort for the operator. Options include rear axle locking