Manitou MRT 3050 & MRT 2470 Rotating Telehandlers

The MRT 3050 and 2470 can be easily transported with four-wheel drive capacity and have a range of attachments providing forklift, work platform or suspended load capabilities. While the 176-hp Mercedes engine provides the power to get the job done.

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Manitou's MRT 3050 and 2470 rotating telehandlers are a three-in-one solution for maximum performance and efficiency on the jobsite. With the ability to rotate 360° and operate in three modes - telehandler, winch or platform – these machines deliver optimal versatility. Their extra-long stabilizers give them better ground clearance on slopes plus higher load chart capacities. An exclusive E-RECO Attachment Recognition System automatically detects an attachment and assigns the appropriate load chart and safe operation zone. Numerous options for forks, buckets, winches, jibs and platforms are available.

  • MRT 3050 offers a 97-ft. 9-in. lift height and maximum 11,000 lbs. load capacity
  • MRT 2470 is a combination of compactness and capacity with a maximum load capacity of 15,400 lbs. and lift height of 80 ft.
  • Mrt 30501 593959034b79aBoth machines feature stabilizers that extend to 20 ft. 5 in.; pin-mounted strain gauges determine stabilizer ground contact
  • Equipped with stabilizer position sensors that adapt the load chart based on stabilizer position
  • Main boom components and hydraulic lines are directly accessible and only the extension cylinder is placed inside the boom
  • Feature 176-hp Mercedes engines and four-wheel drive
  • Engine cover fully opens to give access around the engine and batteries
  • Improved dashboard screen displays maintenance, diagnostic intervals and alarms

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[Spec Sheet] Manitou MRT 3050 Privilege Plus Rotating Telehandlers

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