Video: New Training Center Signals JLG’s Customer-Partnership Ambition

JLG quadrupled its flagship facility aiming at 50% growth per year in one of the work-platform industry’s most ambitious OEM service and safety training programs

JLG trains more than 4,000 aerial-work-platform and telehandler technicians and operators per year, and just quadrupled the size of its original training center in Pennsylvania to kick start 50% growth per year in that education effort.

The 17,000-sq.-ft. facility at John L. Grove’s original headquarters in McConnellsburg combines 7,000 sq. ft. of classrooms, and 10,000 sq. ft. of service bays with an all-new four-acre proving ground designed to simulate common job site challenges in a controlled environment. Trainees there will not only learn what to do to surmount those challenges, but also will actually feel how the machine reacts when they take action. And when you're working 30 or 100 or 150 ft. up, that kind of experience can mean the difference between coming down safely or not.

The proving ground has platforms for forklifts to land 10,000-lb. loads on, concrete moguls and slopes for leveling telehandler frames, gravel roads graded to specific slopes to engage boom-travel safety features, mock overhead power lines and a platform for practicing transferring from basket to structure.

Attention to detail in JLG's training center – from presentation technology to dining area – is almost plush, but it's hardly extravagant. It's a $2.5 million investment in customer and dealer relationships that will inevitably pay dividends to the company, to businesses that depend on work platforms and telehandlers, and to the people who operate them.

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