DFD Loaders Debuts as Exclusive US Distributor of Schaffer Wheel Loaders

German wheel loader brand Schäffer continues its U.S. debut at the American Rental Association Show with DFD Loaders as exclusive US distributor

DFD Loaders, Inc.
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DFD Loaders, Inc.

DFD Loaders, Inc. will exhibit at the American Rental Association show February 17-20, 2019, continuing its debut of the Schäffer construction equipment line, which has a six-decade history of innovation and distribution in more than forty countries. DFD Loaders will exhibit at booth #4597. 

The American Rental Association show will mark the rental industry debut for DFD Loaders, which has announced its exclusive U.S. distribution of Schäffer construction wheel loaders. Most notable is the model 2428 SLT,  which presents a unique opportunity for the rental industry. The 2428 SLT’s smaller size has sparked high interest because it features a higher lifting capacity and tipping load that outperforms all other 25-hp compact wheel loaders in the marketplace. Twelve additional models ranging in size and power (up to 157 hp) round out the DFD Loader product portfolio, which is experiencing a strong entry into the compact wheel loader space, given Schäffer’s global reputation for quality-engineered equipment that fills gaps not offered by current equipment offered in the U.S.

Handpicked to meet the needs of the rental, landscape, tree care, construction, snow removal, and property maintenance industries, Schäffer’s entire U.S. product lineup meets EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IIIB emission standards and is compatible with most skid steer attachments in the market, due to a universal quick-connect headstock, which comes standard. Other notable design features include patented technology which makes the center pivot considerably stronger than those of competing products and virtually indestructible, as well as original Schäffer axles designed specifically for high thrust forces.