[VIDEO] Generac Redesigns MDG25 Mobile Generator

The redesigned MDG25 generator focuses on rugged durability with a steel square body construction and ease of maintenance with removable doors.

The redesigned generator features a wet stacking mitigation kit provides a solution for wet stacking problems when the load reaches a level below 30%. The solution helps with certification and longevity of the engine.

Additional upgrades include a larger fuel tank for 28 hours of runtime and 500-hour oil change interval.

Generac has introduced its new, simplified controller platform onto its MDG25 compact mobile diesel generator.

Additional features of the MDG25 include:

  • Three-phase 25kVA prime power
  • Tier 4 Final Isuzu engine
  • Recessed external E-Stop
  • Phase switch safety shutdown
  • Access doors with auto shutdown

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