Contractors Turn To Rentals for Affordable Dust Suppression

The current trend of leasing equipment has led to the expansion of Dust Control Technology's rental programs.

PEORIA, IL--At a time when contractors and bulk material handlers are finding capital equipment budgets squeezed to their limits, many companies requiring high-performance dust suppression are turning to rental options to obtain the equipment they need. In response to the current trend toward leasing over purchasing, Dust Control Technology has announced an expansion of one of the industry’s largest rental programs. With 30-40 DustBoss machines now in its fleet at any given time, the company is ensuring ready availability, while guaranteeing the lowest rental price of any comparable model dust suppression unit.

“Despite the slowdown in many industries, the need for dust management remains a high priority on many jobsites,” observed Dust Control Technology CEO Edwin Peterson. “In some applications and facilities, suppression is absolutely mandatory. Having a cost-effective rental option gives contractors and manufacturers the choice of postponing a capital equipment purchase, while still allowing them to be fully functional in terms of dust control,” he said. With a variety of different-sized machines available for short- or long-term lease, the company has units available to suit virtually any project size.

Peterson said that DCT’s flagship model DB-60 remains most in demand. Largest in the DustBoss family of products, the DB-60 has a proven history of outstanding dust suppression performance in applications that include demolition, coal handling, mining/quarrying, aggregate production, cement manufacturing and recycling. With a range of more than 200 feet and several oscillation options, the unit can cover as much as 2.8 acres (more than 2.5 football fields) from a single location.

As in all of the company’s designs, construction is strictly industrial-strength, with heavy-duty components for reliability and long service life. “Unlike most equipment suppliers, we specialize only in dust suppression, and each unit is built specifically for that purpose,” Peterson continued. “While other suppliers may modify existing equipment to develop a design to manage dust, that approach typically leads to some compromises,” he added. “We chose not to go that route. Dust control isn’t a complement to our business; that IS our business.”

All of the fan-driven DustBoss models are available with the company’s Variable Particle Sizing technology, providing customers with a wide selection of different nozzles for suppressing a broad range of particle sizes. VPS can be used to control dust outside the typical 50 - 200 micron range, such as odor-causing vapors or very fine solids. Any of the DustBoss designs can be ordered with a dosing pump to add surfactants for superior particle attraction or additives for odor control, and can be equipped with a supplemental filter system permitting the use of non-potable water sources.