Equipment Web Services Is Now Talbert Manufacturing’s Exclusive Web Service Provider

The relationship with Equipment Web Services was formed to increase and enhance the presence of Talbert Manufacturing dealers on the web.

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Equipment Web Services (EWS), a division of Dominion Enterprises, has partnered with Talbert Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of heavy
haul trailers and specialized transportation equipment. The relationship was formed to increase
and enhance the presence of Talbert Manufacturing dealers on the web. EWS, a component of
the Commercial Web Services family, is a leading, comprehensive website solutions provider for
the equipment and trailer industry.
According to the “Online Lead Generation Report,”¹ online lead generation to date has been
responsible for approximately 42 percent of total business sales. By partnering with EWS,
Talbert Manufacturing dealers will gain web exposure, credibility, and their sales are projected to
increase. EWS provides dealers with comprehensive training as well as the necessary tools, such
as inventory management and lead generation management, to track the success of their web
solution and its content.
The EWS partnerships have proven to strengthen communication between dealers and potential
customers via user-friendly tools provided by web solutions. EWS encourages dealerships to
recognize web solutions as their 24-hour, revenue-generating virtual dealership rather than as
advertising. As a Talbert Manufacturing partner, EWS supplies its dealers with the tools to gauge
a dealership’s growth and the success of its inventory, while managing leads to comply with
Talbert Manufacturing’s brand standards.
“We are proud to be in partnership with Talbert Manufacturing. We feel this represents a great
opportunity for Talbert Manufacturing dealers to grow their businesses via the Internet,” said
Sylvia Hockensmith, OEM dealer network consultant of Equipment Web Services.
“We rely on our North American dealer network to promote and actively sell Talbert trailers,” said
Gregory Smith, vice president of sales and marketing for Talbert Manufacturing. “In turn, our
dealers expect Talbert to assist in providing viable lead generation. We believe our partnership
with Commercial Web Services will greatly enhance this effort.”

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