Point the Way, Fox Rental Provide Yard Makeover

The project highlights Point of Rental's international conference’s focus on volunteering.

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Point of Rental’s Point the Way charity and Fox Rental partnered to help make a young widow’s tough 2020 a little brighter.

Mandy, who lives near Point of Rental’s U.S. headquarters, was struggling to make her house feel like a home after her mother passed away from COVID-19 complications in September and her youngest child left for college shortly after. She and her dog, Lily, were having trouble keeping up with their yard as they dealt with work and working through their loss.

Groups of Point of Rental employees arrived at the house armed with rakes, shovels, and various gardening equipment to remove leaves, boards, and edging materials from the yard before laying fresh sod and planting new flowers in the garden beds.

“Although I have been able to maintain the weekly mowing, it has been really hard to keep up with the overgrowth and flowerbeds,” said Mandy. “My backyard was pretty much a mud pit, just dirt and tree branches. The Point the Way crew showed up and completely transformed my yard. I cannot even explain what a difference they made - my heart is overwhelmed.”

“We really wanted to focus on serving as part of our International Conference this year,” said Point of Rental Director of Philanthropy Terry Harris. “When we connected with Mandy, I knew that this was a great opportunity to make a big impact in someone’s quality of life, quickly. We really couldn’t have done all of this without our caring employees at Point of Rental or without Fox Rental and their support.”

When Fox Rental heard about the project, they knew they wanted to be a part of it. The company donated the use of a rototiller, weed eater, pressure washer, leaf blowers, and a gift card that was used to purchase plants for the flowerbeds.

“Being a family owned business, we see ourselves as part of our community. We were happy to help Point of Rental and we’re glad we were able to help create such a big impact in someone’s life,” said Fox Rental’s Dana Ellsworth, who set things up from the company’s Grapevine location.

“We’re glad we could partner with Point the Way on this,” said the manager of Fox Rental’s Euless location, David Drennan. “We love to help as often as we can in our community, but it can be tough to find the time to get connected with the people that need it. When you can give people an opportunity to pitch in and help folks, it’s exciting.”

Point the Way’s community involvement during Point of Rental’s International Conference this week has continued throughout their international locations. UK team members visited local schools and helped children with special needs stay active with gardening and baking projects. South African Pointers helped fly sanitation equipment to remote villages in the country and brought food and entertainment to a children’s home. The United States team has also been stocking food pantries and delivering meals to firefighters this week.