Sustainability: Have You Ever Wondered How You Compare With Other Contractors?

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How far are you on the sustainability journey?

Are you just starting out?

Do you have practices in place? If so, maybe you’re on the leading-edge of sustainability.

Maybe you just want to know how you compare with other contractors?

No matter how far along you are with your sustainability efforts, take this easy, 11-point Contractor Sustainability Self-Assessment to evaluate your organization’s sustainability construction practices and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and profit.

Here at Sustainable Construction we wanted to offer you an assessment tool to help you move along the sustainability continuum with the ultimate results being decreased costs, reduced environmental footprint and increased success in securing sustainable construction projects.

This assessment has three parts:

  1. Company culture
  2. Operational efficiency related to sustainability
  3. Business growth initiatives related to sustainability

Get Results Fast! Upon completion of the assessment, you will see how your responses compare with other contractors who have completed this survey. As you employ additional sustainable practices, repeat the self-assessment to see how you rank with other contractors. We will be continuing to develop this self-assessment by adding additional criteria and feedback mechanisms.

Go ahead. Take the test!

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