Find Green Projects on Construction Bidboard

California's highlights public works jobs that contain green requirements in the project.

SAN DIEGO, CA - Construction Bidboard (, California's public works project site and prime publisher of public jobs for state and municipal public agencies has launched a green initiative that highlights public works jobs that contain green requirements in the project. Thus, making it quick and easy for contractors and suppliers to find and respond to green (possible LEED compliant) opportunities, as well as for agencies to highlight green requirements where applicable.

"Focus on green construction projects combined with the availability of federal stimulus funds for green projects have never been as prevalent as it is today. Keeping our customers informed of these industry trends and government regulations and providing them the tools necessary to ensure their success is our main objective" states Mark Eigenbauer , President of Construction Bidboard.

This effort is part of Construction Bidboard's continued commitment towards prioritizing green initiatives, focused on new government regulations, specifically executive order 13514. These initiatives include:

- Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions - Conservation of water resource - Elimination of waste - The construction of sustainable buildings

For contractors and suppliers:

Ninety-Five percent of government agencies are mandated by EO 13514 to award contracts to companies implementing green initiatives. Now contractors that meet LEED and environmental regulations will benefit from efficiently knowing which jobs match their expertise.

New features include:

- Flagged projects, displaying a green leaf icon, easily identifying it to the user as a green initiative project - Users have the ability to search for all the green leaf projects by selecting the "Green Initiative Project" option - LEED classification keyword templates are made available in the "Update Member Profile section" of the user's account; this allows the contractor/subscriber the ability to have predetermined keywords added to their profile - Having LEED keywords in a members profile gives the user nightly updates of new opportunities that include chosen keywords for a project including green construction and engineering

For government agencies:

Bid Publishers now have the ability to check mark or flag green projects. This initiative launched by Construction Bidboard ( will make competitive bidding more user friendly and allow more qualified bidders to bid on the jobs available. The competitive bidding process will save government agencies costs because there will be more qualified bidders bidding. The lowest qualified bidder wins the job by law. Construction Bidboard already saves government agencies money by providing posting of their projects at no cost.