Webinar: Green Building Contracts, Scope and Scheduling

Webinar focuses on how to appropriately incorporate owners’ goals, sustainability standards and budgetary constraints into contract documents

WPL Publishing will host a webinar to help professionals within the construction community understand the aspects of green building that involve contracts, scope and scheduling.

With a focus on the commercial building sector, webinar attendees will learn about appropriately incorporating owners’ goals, sustainability standards and budgetary constraints into contract documents. A discussion of appropriate scope of work will focus on proper team selection, responsibility allocation and verification of completed work. Finally, attendees will learn how to assess the potential scheduling impacts of green buildings, including lead time for specialty items or materials and project-certification timelines. To register for the 90-minute event, scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, at 1:00 p.m. (EDT), visit http://tinyurl.com/kenhda7.

Addressing attendees will be Kelly Gearhart, founder and principal with the international consulting firm Triple Green Building Group LLC.

Following Ms. Gearhart’s presentation, there will be an interactive 10-to-15 minute question-and-answer session addressing relevant topics.

Webinar tuition is based on location, not number of participants, so each registration site can have multiple participants for one price.

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