Free Webinar on Lean and Green Practices Scheduled

Webinar explains the important principles and concepts of the E3 program.

Register now for an informative 60-minute FREE Webinar detailing the important principles and concepts of lean, clean practices and energy utilization. The NTEA, in conjunction with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), has teamed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) for a program named E3 - Energy, Environment and Economy which conducts business assessments for small- and medium-sized companies. This Webinar , scheduled Nov. 17 at 11:00AM, explains the important principles and concepts of the E3 program.

Participants will gain an overview of the full E3 Assessment Program, including the next steps needed to engage a local MEP representative to assess their business on-site. In addition, insight into the methodology and critical areas where the most significant gains can result is provided.

Register today to learn what you need to know to better your profits through targeted process improvements and energy management.  

A complete E3 Assessment includes:

  • A Lean Review leading to increased productivity and reduced costs
  • An Energy Audit providing tools and insights for reducing energy demand and costs
  • A Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Evaluation teaching companies how to calculate GHG emissions and evaluate reduction strategies
  • A Clean Review resulting in water and energy conservation, reduced emissions, and additional cost savings

Post-Assessment Recommendations guiding each company toward facility improvements, including reduced waste and more efficient use of resources (i.e., energy and water).