New Geo-Green Crete Cement a Possible Alternative for Global Construction Industry

Scientists use post-industrial waste and naturally occurring materials to produce Geo-Green Crete low-carbon emission cement.

POMPANO BEACH, FL - Scientists at Green World Crete, LLC, a Florida headquartered green materials technology company, have invented a low-carbon emission cementitious product-Geo-Green Crete. This new product is poised to provide the global construction sector with a high-performance and cost-effective green alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

Geo-Green Crete, which is a zero-Portland-based cement, is formulated using abundantly available post-industrial waste and naturally occurring aluminoscilicate materials. It has at its production core an environmentally friendly process for its manufacturing.

"Geo-Green Crete stands out as a high-performance, low-carbon emission cement that has the capacity to serve as a true alternative to Portland cement," according to Dr. Elaine Duval, Director of Communications for Green World Crete, LLC. "The Geo-Green Crete product is a testament to the know-how and hard work of the scientists at Green World Crete, LLC," she asserted.

Dr. Duval also pointed out that "Over the millennia, concrete prepared by the ancient Egyptians and Romans -using lime, pozzolona and aggregates- is still in existence, giving proof of its durability. The Roman cement and the small artifacts they produced were made using knowledge of geopolymer techniques. The Geo-Green Crete product is very similar to these ancient cementitious materials," she disclosed.

Portland cement has been the mainstay of all cementitious construction since its invention in the 1800s. However, from the early days of its discovery, Portland cement has had environmentally detrimental problems associated with its chemistry. The Portland cement manufacturing process, which involves the application of intense heat to limestone in large kilns, leads to the release of toxic levels of CO2, as well as other noxious chemicals and heavy metals into the atmosphere.

The Green World Crete, LLC scientists have focused their attention on developing a non-limestone based cement which does not require the use of fossil fuel to heat large kilns. Instead, the Geo-Green Crete process combines post-industrial waste and naturally occurring alluminosilicate materials with a binding agent at ambient temperature, in order to produce a long lasting eco-friendly cementitious material. Unlike the Portland cement process, the production of the Geo-Green Crete product results in a near zero carbon dioxide emission manufacturing process.

"Green World Crete's solution to the emission problems was to totally change the chemistry for producing cement/concrete," the company's Director of Communications added. "The Green World Crete, LLC, scientists have created their Geo-Green Crete product by mixing indigenous inorganic materials with their proprietary bonding agent at ambient temperatures. The result is the creation of a new, revolutionary cementitious material."

Green World Crete's ground-breaking Geo-Green Crete product brings new opportunities for investors and distributors. The Green World Crete, LLC, Joint Venture and Independent Distribution Partnership business model offers a win-win business relationship for the establishment of new cement plants worldwide. The Geo-Green Crete product also offers the added benefit of qualifying for international carbon credits.

Geo-Green Crete has been tested by independent laboratories in the USA as well as in other countries. It meets ASTM standards for compressive strengths that are ideal for use in non-structural and structural constructions such as sidewalks, driveways, roads, bridges, dams, ports, marinas, and commercial and residential building constructions.