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Karlstad, MN 56732
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Mattracks has track conversion systems available that will fit 4x4 vehicles as small as a Suzuki Samurai to full-size extra heavy-duty trucks like a Ford F550. Mattracks also makes the Trail-R-Mate systems available for utility trailers, as well as agricultural and industrial tractors up to 120 hp. Mattracks also has Mattracks LiteFoot ATV Track Conversions for 4X4 ATVs and UTVs and LiteFoot Trail-R-Mates for light duty utility trailers.

Installing Mattracks is straight forward and about as easy as changing tires. Jack up the vehicle, remove the tire and simply bolt the Mattracks track assembly to the wheel studs. Adapter brackets are required once installed, there is one more bolt for the anti-torque linkage for each corner, and that is it.

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