East Releases Video of Genesis Hybrid Road Testing

Video highlights observations from truckers who tested this first-of-its-kind hybrid dump trailer.

The video captures what truckers who road tested the Genesis Hybrid thought of the unique new dump trailer.
The video captures what truckers who road tested the Genesis Hybrid thought of the unique new dump trailer.

Randolph, OH -- East Manufacturing spent over four months road testing their Genesis® Hybrid(TM) dump trailer after it was introduced at the Mid America Truck Show in March. It gave the trailer to several truckers so they could put it through the paces in their daily operations. And they interviewed the truckers to get their opinions and feedback on the unconventional new dump trailer -- a unique combination of the two dump trailer designs currently available, the square-box and round-bottom. Watch the video on YouTube or by visiting eastmfg.com.

"East did not consider following the market by just designing a half-round dump trailer," said Charlie Wells, director of dump trailer products. "We remain fundamentally opposed to half-round trailer design -- compared to our square box trailers, they lack the inherent rigidity to resist twisting, and that makes them less stable when dumping. And they have a much higher center of gravity, making them harder to corner and more prone to turn over."

"Still, some of our customers were attracted to the half-round's lower weight for a greater potential payload (for specific applications), even with the high expectation that durability and long term life would undoubtedly be compromised, "Wells said. "So East's design engineers worked long and hard to come up with a trailer that would combine some of the advantages of both. The result is the Genesis Hybrid, a trailer designed to have a lighter tare weight, like a half-round, yet with the better handling and stable dumping characteristics of our square-box dump trailers."

Did the patent-pending design live up to expectations? See what the truckers who road tested it had to say about the performance of this striking, revolutionary new look in dump trailers.


The new East Genesis Hybrid frameless dump trailer offers these multiple benefits:

  • Total weight in the 9,500 to 10,000 lbs. range, depending on options.
  • 2 + yards greater capacity than a traditional half-round trailer for even greater payload opportunity.
  • A center-of-gravity that's 7+ inches lower than a traditional half-round for better cornering/stability and more operational peace-of-mind.
  • A stronger, more rigid body for better stability and more resistance to body twisting.

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