40-Ton Lightweight Trailer

Three-axle, 26-ft.-long trailer weighs 18,000 lbs. and can transport 80,000 lbs. of equipment

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Talbert's 40-Ton Lightweight Trailer is customizable for customers who need to remain below the superload weight limit in states with 120,000-lb. GVWR restrictions.

  • Three-axle, 26-ft.-long trailer
  • Four-beam deck design
  • Auxiliary crossmembers for extra floor support
  • 16-in. beams consisting of T-1 flanges and 80K webs
  • Ratchet neck design eliminates need for changing adjustment blocks and enables operator to adjust ride height from one side of the trailer
  • Transport equipment up to 80,000 lbs.
  • Customizable with 22-in. deck height and a deck boom well
  • 6-ft.-long recessed portion in rear is roughly 6 in. deep and plated for the bucket of an excavator
  • Can be built with Walther EMC Dura-Light Hubs and CentriFuse brake drums
  • Weighs just over 18,000 lbs.
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