Self Loading Turret Reel Trailer

Felling Trailer's Self Loading Turret Reel trailer eliminates the need to have extra equipment and operators on-site to lift and load the reel as on a fixed reel trailer

Felling Ft 14 2 R Turret 108088 Mrr

Felling Trailer's Self Loading Turret Reel trailer, the FT-14-2 R features a 360-degree hydraulically operated rotating turret assembly that can lock into any position when the directional control valve is released.

  • Hydraulic payout/take-up assembly is a sealed gear driven unit
  • Optional hydraulic braking capabilities
  • Hydraulic brake tensioning eliminates heat generated by traditional caliper and rotor
  • Onboard hydraulic power supply standard
  • Honda GX 390 gas engine with electric start and recoil backup
  • Power pack with 25-gal. hydraulic reservoir and hydraulic oil return filter
  • Lockable theft-resistant enclosure
  • Rated for 2,250 psi continuous and 2,900 psi max
  • 8 gpm
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