International Adds Computing Power for More-Reliable Vocational Trucks

New body control module delivers six times the processing speed for truck and body electronics, adds sixteen input/output slots to integrate more truck-body equipment

International Workstar
International Workstar
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International Truck’s new body control module and enhanced Diamond Logic features are expected to drive increased vocational-truck uptime.

The new design, announced at NTEA’s 2015 Work Truck Show, will deliver six times the current processing speed for truck and body electronics, add sixteen more input/output slots to integrate more truck-body equipment, and provide three additional data links to expand truck capabilities. The expanded system will be in production starting in November, 2015.

"Our Diamond Logic electrical system is best known for its ability to provide control and communication between work trucks and body equipment," said John McKinney, senior vice president, sales and marketing, at International. "We want our customers to experience the highest level of uptime in the industry, and that's why we are taking electronics to the next level."

New Diamond Logic features will include:

  • Intelligent Start – single ignition activation on the key is all that is required and the vehicle will manage starting the engine automatically. The starter motor is disabled the moment the engine starts, which prevents over cranking and overheating to extend starter life.
  • Programmable Real Time Starting – International trucks can be programmed to start prior to the driver's arrival at specific time each day, ensuring the vehicle is warmed up and ready for operation.
  • Auto Start-Stop – Auto Start-Stop not only reduces idle time and saves on fuel but allows vocational customers to recharge batteries automatically, or heat the cab for drivers without continuously running the engine.

All International medium-duty and vocational trucks are equipped with the Diamond Logic Electrical System, which offers nearly 200 factory available body integration and driver efficiency features, plus the ability to customize infinitely more vehicle functions.

International Truck has pioneered programmable chassis electronics and multiplexing since 2001 and has continued to closely partner with truck users and body builders to increase productivity with the digital capability.

Diamond Logic helps medium-duty and vocational truck owners work smarter, faster and safer, while also preventing drivers from inadvertently damaging valuable equipment. With capabilities such as automated pre-trip inspections, headlights on with wipers, equipment safety alarms and interlocks, and factory installed programmable switches, Diamond Logic improves truck/body integration and helps deliver a number of smart, customizable features.