Canter FG4X4 Four-Wheel-Drive Cabover Truck

Class 4 four-wheel drive from Mitsubishi Fuso carries more than 8,000 lb. of payload

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The 3-L, four-cylinder 4P10 diesel engine in Mitsubishi Fuso's FG4X4 cabover truck (161 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque) makes nearly 4 percent more power than previous FG models. The lightweight frame and other weight-reducing strategies allow upgrading to the new DUONIC six-speed dual-clutch transmission while actually reducing curb weight to 5,975 lb. For example, Fuso says the Canter FG4X4 weighs 1,750 lbs. less than the comparable Ford F450. Fuso claims the manually locking front hubs and standard six-speed transmission stretch the Canter FG4X4's two-wheel-drive, on-road fuel economy into the 14- to 17-mpg range.

  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 15,050 lb.
  • Gross combined weight rating: 21,765 lb.
  • Estimated max. payload: 8,075 lb.
  • Drum brakes with vacuum servo assist and ABS standard at all four wheels
  • Turning radius: 44 ft. 2 in.
  • 134-in wheelbase accommodates 12- to 15-ft. bodies
  • Cabover design allows driver to see the ground 8 ft. from the front bumper
  • MSRP: $49,000

Document: Mitsubishi Fuso's Canter FG4X4 Specifications

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