BOSS Revolt

BOSS Revolt continuous AC power technology for the FORD Transit van market.

Boss Revolt

The Revolt from Boss Industries builds upon the advantages of the Ford Transit platform to produce additional power for the work truck solutions. There are no batteries or additional engines to maintain and, due to its compact design, the system takes up no cargo space and offers an ease of integration, operation and flexible power.

  • Air compressor package available in either a rotary screw or piston design
  • Provides 6 kW of stationary AC continuous power suited for charging electric power tools, operating HVAC equipment, operating air compressors and welders and more
  • Custom built alternator powered through a high-performance inverter
  • Three-phase Power Panel consists of a 20-amp/240V twist connection, a 30-amp/120V twist connection and a 20-amp 115V outlet, with other configurations available
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