Saf-Holland Adds Integrated Suspension/Axle Systems with Self-Steering Capability to 3 Models

Saf-Holland has announced the availability of integrated suspension/axle systems with self-steering capability. The new self-steering suspension/axle system will feature Saf-Holland's latest lightweight Fusion Beam Technology available in two different steer angle models. The new, optimized self-steer axle will provide a wheel cut of 20 degrees or 25-to-30 degrees, depending on model. Advanced SAF INTEGRAL Disc Brake technology is standard on the initial offering. Drum brake configurations and other options are planned to meet future market needs.

The SAF CBX Self-Steer axle suspension system is designed to turn easier, greatly reducing tire wear, while improving fuel economy by reducing drag and tire scrubbing – which can also lead to frame damage, torsional stress and wear. The integration of Saf-Holland's Fusion Beam Technology in the self-steer axle suspension system effectively reduces beam weight without compromising beam strength or integrity. This is accomplished through the fusion of a proven cast beam and a fabricated tail section. The lighter-weight beam provides an opportunity for fleets to increase payload and improve profitability.

Various capacities are available in the series which include the SAF Self-Steer CBX23, SAF Self-Steer CBX25 and SAF Self-Steer CBX25/30. While the CBX23 and CBX25 models deliver capacities of 23,000 and 25,000 lbs., respectively, the CBX25/30 offers an additional 30,000 lbs. of load carrying capacity at creep speed (5 mph or less) and 25,000 lbs. of capacity for on-highway operation. The SAF Self-Steer CBX25/30 delivers its additional load capacity through the addition of a larger air spring.

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