Hops & Highways S2 E2: Gallagher Asphalt Creates a Culture of Innovation

Jess & Dormie chat with the team at Gallagher Asphalt about their drive to implement technology to grow in a very competitive market. We also hear from the experts at WEM Automation who helped Gallagher update their plant controls.

The most successful contractors know that they must adapt and change in order to grow. Gallagher Asphalt, Thornton, IL, has created a culture of innovation at their company to help solve their biggest business challenges. Hear from Jim Trost, executive vice president at Gallagher Asphalt and Will Gallagher, project manager at Gallagher about these innovations. 

Brad Stokke, senior engineer at WEM Controls also joins us to tell us about how they help asphalt plant owners get the most out of their investment with proper controls.