Hops & Highways: Mark Estrada Talks Tips for Striping Success

From technology to liability, there is a lot striping contractors can learn to grow their business. At PAVE/X, Mark Estrada will share his 20+ years of hard-earned industry knowledge with attendees in two sessions spanning all facets of the industry

Many contractors who start out in striping see great success right away but quickly see dwindling profits as they learn the business isn't as east as they thought. Mark Estrada, owner of Marathon Solutions, will share his 20+ years of knowledge  with attendees of PAVE/X, January 30-February 1 in San Antonio. From beginners to seasoned veterans, contractors with experience at all levels will benefit from these courses. 

In this episode, Estrada shares what stripers need to look out for on jobsites when previewing his sessions and shares some stories of his years in business - including how he earned the name Captn Striper! 

Estrada will teach the following sessions at PAVE/X:

The Beginners Class: How to Jumpstart Your Striping Business

Whether you are brand new to the pavement maintenance industry or adding striping as another service of your business many different factors need to be considered. Although the striping industry may be a smaller, niche industry, the array of information and concerns can seem overwhelming. This session, taught by Mark Estrada, will teach attendees how to “Jumpstart your Journey” to success in the striping industry.

In the first part of this two-part class, Estrada will cover:

  • Basic strategy and approach to striping plus how to establish a standard operating procedure
  • General safety methods and how to identify hazards including basics of the striping machine
  • Identification of the different types of paints and their uses
  • Plus the do’s and don’ts, troubleshooting, and strategy behind a quality finished product

The Master Class: Mastering the Art of Precision Striping

No matter where you are in your striping business journey, the second part of Mark Estrada’s session is one a striping contractor shouldn’t miss. Estrada will dive deeper on how to take your striping business to the next level by implementing the right business tools and technologies.

The Master Class will cover:

  • How to maximize production on high volume striping - motivating your team in the process
  • How to use and implement technology like auto layout and lasers
  • How to hire and utilize team members accordingly which creates a positive company culture
  • How to manage customer expectations and customer service
  • How to identify and prevent liabilities for you and your customer

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