About the Super 1800-2 SprayJet

The Super 1800-2 SprayJet paver from Vogele America Inc. can do double duty for its owner.

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With the exclusive SprayJet module mounted, a contractor or government agency can use the Super 1800-2 to place open-graded asphalt emulsions and other wearing courses. And with the optional module easily removed, the Super 1800-2 SprayJet can place conventional hot mix asphalt pavements. Its compact design makes it ideal for urban applications and low-cost transport.

With the Super 1800-2 SprayJet, vehicles never pass over the emulsion prior to overlay, as the emulsion is immediately covered with asphalt. Tack coats no longer are brought onto pavements, curbs and parking lots, or tracked into stores or offices.

With the SprayJet module mounted, the Super 1800-2 has an integral spray system that sprays modified emulsion or binder in front of the mix being laid, followed immediately by aggregate, and then an optional second spray of emulsion or binder. The advantage is less mess; there is no traffic or construction equipment tracking the binder before the aggregate is placed, and a solid coat of emulsion is placed on the entire lift, edge to edge for a lane.

The spray system works in conjunction with the paving speed and shot rate programmed into the machine. Various nozzle sizes are also available and can be easily changed to accommodate coverage requirements.

An extra emulsion tank is available for contracts requiring very large rates of spread. The extra tank holds 1,320 gallons, so a total of 1,849 gallons of bitumen emulsion can be carried on board the paver. The paver carries the extra tank in its material hopper.

The Super 1800-2 SprayJet works with material transfer vehicles and truck interfaces. A stand-alone heating unit operated by diesel fuel is installed in the extra tank, keeping the emulsion at the desired temperature. A pump is part of the extra-tank unit, and its job is to circulate the emulsion to keep the material homogeneous.

The Super 1800-2 with SprayJet Module can also pave widths up to 19.7 feet.