Trimble's New Mill and Fill Solutions for Road Resurfacing Contractors Increase Smoothness and Reduce Costs

Contractors equipped with Trimble's new 3D milling and paving systems are able to make more competitive bids on stimulus construction projects, and allow contractors to mill and pave in less time, use less material and increase the smoothness and rideability.


The stimulus funds for road resurfacing are out there just waiting for the best bids. And, it's very likely the most competitive bids will be from contractors equipped with Trimble's new 3D milling and paving systems. These systems allow contractors to mill and pave in less time, use less material, and increase the smoothness and rideability of the finished road.

MILL: GCS900 Grade Control System for Milling Machines

The popular Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System has been expanded to include milling machines (cold planers). Now, a contractor can realize significant material savings and increased road smoothness during the ensuing paving operation.

Controlling the precise cutting depth of the mill means the contractor is less likely to overcut existing surface and less likely to require additional costly asphalt or concrete material in the re-paving process. Plus, 3D milling allows contractors to mill out the existing undulations in the road surface, creating a smoother surface for paving and a higher smoothness index in the finished product.

Controlling the cutting depth can also reduce the number of passes required of the mill, the need for additional grading or re-milling work and wear on the milling machine and blade. More efficient use of the mill also means the machine can be moved to the next site quicker to save time and reduce cost.

FILL: PCS900 Paving Control System Saves Time and Improves Rideability

Paving contractors make money by laying smooth and accurate surfaces with minimal material usage and time. PCS900 allows contractors to pave in a stakeless environment. This saves time and effort of setting and adjusting stringlines and increases truck productivity by eliminating the need to drive around stringlines. Trimble PCS900 also helps contractors achieve excellent rideability results and finish projects on time and budget. It can be used for new roads or resurfacing paving applications, such as highways, state roads, airports and large commercial surfaces.

On new roads, base material must be laid accurately to increase the material yield and profitability of the ensuing asphalt or concrete laying operation. By paving the base to design right the first time with PCS900, contractors can save on the cost of rework and additional material.

On resurfacing jobs, road-waves can be reduced or virtually eliminated by paving in 3D to a smooth design, allowing the contractor to gain their rideability bonus.

A Smarter Investment

The scalability and flexibility of Trimble paving systems add to the significant ROI contractors can expect. Heavy and highway contractors can utilize their Trimble GCS900 machine control components on both the milling and paving systems.

The PCS900 Paving Control System can be mounted on a variety of asphalt paving machines, and 2D paving control systems. The system can be flexibly configured with a combination of 3D machine target, sonic tracers, slope sensor, averaging beam and contact sensors.

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