Asphalt Contractor Product Showcase December 2006

New items for December 2006 include the Hydronix Hydro-Probe II, the American Highway Products I.D. Locator, BLS TUFPADS Blues and more.

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Hydronix Hydro-Probe II
The Hydro-Probe II digital microwave sensor is for on-line measurement of moisture in free flowing aggregates on conveyors, or in bins for asphalt production.

  • Robust housing and hard-wearing ceramic face
  • Simple to calibrate
  • Easily connects to control system

American Highway Products I.D. Locator
American Highway Products' I.D. Locator pops up after paving to easily identify utilities.

  • Developed from a new recyclable elastomer, which adheres to any surface and pops up after being paved over with up to 5 inches of asphalt
  • Ends time-consuming painting and measuring
  • Prevents inaccurate post-paving searching procedures
  • Replaces costly surveying and marking
  • Protects against expensive damage to covers and caps

The new TUFPADS Blues from BLS Enterprises are available in the original bonded to a triple grouser style and the new bolt-on to a triple grouser style.

  • BLS Poly Bolt-on TUFPADS track pads bolt directly to the pre-drilled triple grouser of asphalt pavers and milling machines
  • Easily removed and installed
  • Steel grousers are reusable
  • Now standard for all new Roadtec milling machines

Troxler Model 3451
Troxler Electronic Laboratories' Model 3451 moisture density gauges measures moisture and density of soils, aggregate, asphalt and concrete.

  • Includes an on-board Global Positioning System (GPS) and a wireless Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) user interface
  • Measure the density of asphalt overlays from 1 to 4 inches without influence from underlying materials
  • Backscatter density measurement mode for full depth asphalt
  • Direct transmission for lifts of soil, soil aggregate and stone up to 12 inches

Gilson SP-55 Quartermaster
Designed to handle large samples required in Superpave specifications, Gilson's SP-55 Quartermaster divides any hot mix asphalt samples for quality control analysis.

  • Field samples of 120 pounds are quickly reduced
  • Large hopper reduces handling of hot material between procurement of initial field sample and production of lab samples
  • Rugged steel construction

Komatsu WA380-6 Wheel Loader
The WA380-6 is equipped with the latest Komtrax technology which sends the machine operating information to a secure web site utilizing wireless technology.

  • 191 net hp SAA6D107E Komatsu engine meets Tier III requirements
  • Operating weight between 38,760 and 39,260 pounds
  • General-purpose bucket capacity of 4.3 cubic yards
  • Dumping clearance of 9 feet. 8 inches with standard bucket
  • Two selectable operating modes to adapt to working conditions

Terex Load King SA70
The 70,000-pound SA70 hydraulic sliding axle trailer includes a 12,000-pound line pull winch (20,000-pound optional) and a 6.5-degree load angle.

  • 15-degree dump angle
  • 20 D-Rings and multiple chain slot design
  • Features 80/100 KSI steel, cambered deck beams, crossmembers on 8-inch centers and Apitong decking
  • Hendrickson Turner HT air ride suspension

Asphalt Zipper AZ-500
The Asphalt Zipper AZ-500 harnesses the power of large recycling machines in a portable attachment.

  • Easily connects to the bucket of most loaders or backhoes
  • Transports on its own trailer behind most pickup trucks
  • Pulverizes asphalt up to 12 inches thick into 1-inch minus reusable material
  • Opens up to 300 linear feet of 48-inch-wide trench in as little as 20 minutes
  • Produces a straight, scarified edge