Asphalt Contractor Product Showcase November 2006

New items for November 2006 include the Troxler PaveTracker Plus, the Bobcat High-Flow Planer, the Anton Paar SmartPave DSR and more.

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Troxler PaveTracker Plus
The PaveTracker Plus electromagnetic sensing device measure the dielectric constant of an asphalt pavement, slab or specimen and relates that constant to the material’s density.

  • Quick indication of pavement segregation, areas of low density and overall pavement uniformity
  • Precise readings up to 1.5 inches on recently laid hot mix asphalt
  • Improved sensor cover features simple, self-adhesive disc design using upgraded materials; easy field replacement and installation; and cost-effective replacement kits

Bobcat High-Flow Planer
The Bobcat high-flow planer attachment is designed to mate uneven pavement surfaces, cut drainage in parking lots, perform street repairs and cleanup around larger milling machines.

  • Low maintenance
  • Side-cutting bits decrease drum binding in the cut and produce a vertical edge that improves the joint bond between a layer of asphalt and the existing layer
  • Hydraulic side-shift for planing close to walls and curbs

Anton Paar SmartPave DSR
The SmartPave from Anton Paar is a dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) combined with a new Peltier heating system.

  • New easy-to-use software
  • Fully automatic temperature calibration (no water flow around sample)
  • Fast Peltier heating and cooling

Fabick Poured-On Liner
Poured-On high-impact liners offer a durable, protective coating for your truck bed or trailer.

  • "Poured-on" technology offers a mirror smooth finish for cleaner, faster load release.
  • Takes up to 350 degrees including asphalt
  • Self-leveling liners — airtight and waterproof
  • No bolts, no holes — entirely seamless
  • Bonds directly to steel and aluminum

Sirocco 3K HTI from Airstar America
The Sirocco 3K HTI from Airstar America is designed to replace traditional floodlights on light towers.

  • Glare-free light
  • Can be adapted to existing tower
  • Will illuminate 72,000 square feet, 360 degrees with 300,000 lumens

Geneq Micro-Deval Apparatus
Geneq’s Micro-Deval Apparatus evaluates the abrasion in presence of water for coarse and fine aggregates.

  • Tests the resistance of fine and coarse aggregates to degradation by abrasion
  • Available models include the one, two or three tier
  • Standard with jars, balls, timer and magnet
  • Available with electronic controller

Citrus King
Citrus Depot offers Citrus King tar and asphalt remover.

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and 100-percent natural
  • Quickly and easily cuts through heavy tar, asphalt, black mastics, adhesives, wax, grease, gum, oil and other hard-to-remove substances
  • Extraction testing solvents and odor control products also available

Trail King Advantage Series Asphalt Trailer
The Advantage Series Live Bottom trailer deliver over 2,000 pounds more payload than previous trailers.

  • Lightweight, modular, high-strength design
  • 36-inch, heat- and oil-resistant, two-ply rubber continuous belt moves entire load to rear for discharge
  • Options include manual and electric tarp systems, various tailgates, multiple-axle configurations, air- ride and air-lift suspensions and a 102-inch-wide body
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