Asphalt Contractor's Top 30 Products 2024

The best list of new, innovative, and industry shaping products for the road building industry.

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Every year there are a great number of new products that come to market for the asphalt and road building industry. They make the work we do fast, more efficient, cleaner, cheaper, and sometimes they completely change the game. The Asphalt Contractor Top 30 list is meant to reflect what we felt were the best of those new-to-market items, but we don't stop there. Some products have been so longstanding and made such a huge impact on the way things are done, that we want to recognize them for the legacy of innovation they represent. Here we present our selections for the 2024 Top 30 products in the asphalt and road building industry.

Top Featured Products

ADM MileMaker with Warm Mix Capability


Designed for high-volume production at a low cost per ton, the MileMaker Series asphalt plants continue to stand the test of time. Revolutionary dual-drum counterflow technology utilizes separate drying and mixing zones for maximum heat transfer and fuel efficiency. With 160-425 TPH output, the MileMaker makes even the biggest jobs seem small. 

Asphalt Drum Mixers, Inc. (ADM) has added a warm-mix asphalt system to its MileMaker Series asphalt plants. The MileMaker, available in portable, skid mounted and relocatable versions, meets all federal and state specifications and consistently produces quality asphalt to help protect operators against out-of-spec-damages.

Capable of processing high percentages of RAP, these plants produce hot mix containing up to 50 percent recycled material. The MileMaker virtually eliminates blue smoke and emissions by separating the burner from the mixer. Any gases that are created are captured and reintroduced to the combustion zone.

    • Produces 160 to 425 tons per hour
    • Capability to introduce water or chemicals into liquid asphalt entering plant, appropriately lowering temperature to warm-mix specifications
    • Plants boast to be the most fuel-efficient, mix-design flexible and productive plants in its class
    • Dual-drum plants available in portable, relocatable or stationary versions
    • Counter flow technology uses separate drying and mixing zones to achieve the maximum level of heat transfer and fuel efficiency

    Colorbiotics Invigorate Warm Mix

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    When using Invigorate at a 1% dosage rate, a 50 degree decrease in temperature at 40% RAP achieves similar or better results in both Hamburg and Ideal TC testing. In Ideal CT testing, Invigorate at 270 degrees Fahrenheit received a test score of 174.9, besting test samples heated to 320 degrees by more than 45 points. In Hamburg testing, Invigorate reached the -12.5 limit after more than 18,500 passes. These two scores together demonstrate an impressive relationship of resistance to cracking and pliability in the 270 degree test. Lower your mix temperature while also including up to 40% RAP; preferable to save costs. This warm mix solution is an all-natural additive, which contains 100% bio-based content and attacks aged binder at the molecular level to transform recycled material from the inside out. This product is also EPD verified.

    Dynapac CC2200 VI with SEISMIC technology

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    SEISMIC Asphalt technology automatically detects the natural resonance frequency of the asphalt, works together with it, and applies the correct amount of energy exactly when required. While conventional vibratory compactors deliver a rapid succession of impacts to the soil surface at a frequency that is either pre-set at a high or low amplitude or at a frequency that is adjusted manually, Dynapac SEISMIC Asphalt does it differently. 

    The CC2200 VI weighs 7.6 tons and features a 59-inch drum, which is ideal for finish rolling on a variety of job sites. It includes a Tier 4 Final diesel engine with a high torque setting, efficient patented eccentric weights, and an ECO Mode for fuel efficiency. SEISMIC technology is designed to further optimize compaction efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance operator comfort. SEISMIC Asphalt is now available in models CC2200-6200VI as a standard feature.

    • Automatically detects the optimum compaction frequency
    • Continuously adjusts drum vibration frequency according to the resonance frequency of the drum / asphalt mat
    • Ability to adjust machine settings every 0.2 seconds
    • Reduce carbon footprint by up to 25%
    • Up to 25% less fuel required to complete the job
    • Increase compaction performance & quality
    • Fully automatic frequency adjustment system
    • No additional training required & no risk of getting the compaction settings wrong
    • Less noise
    • Less vibrations transmitted to the cab due to lower frequencies

    ECCOFAB Heat Resistant Asphalt Drum Flighting

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    EccoFab's heat resistant asphalt drum flighting is forged from Hardox HiTemp – a unique blend of heat resistant and wear resistant steel. This innovative material selection ensures maximum durability, allowing the flighting to outperform and outlast typical OEM flights. In fact, while an average OEM flight often needs to be replaced within just two years, our heat resistant flighting has demonstrated remarkable longevity. 

    It also offers unparalleled heat resistance, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 903 degrees Fahrenheit. This high heat tolerance not only ensures the flighting’s longevity in harsh operational conditions but also enhances safety and reduces the risk of equipment damage caused by overheating.

    The flighting’s impressive wear resistance ensures that your equipment will spend less time out of operation for part replacement,  potentially reducing costs and increasing profitability. Additionally, the exceptional heat resistance enhances the safety and stability of your operations, providing you with peace of mind.

    Link-Belt X4S Excavator Series

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    The Link-Belt 170 X4S190 X4S220 X4S260 X4S, and 300 X4S are available in the US and Canada. The new “X4S Series” excavator features design improvements to increase durability, performance, serviceability, and operator comfort.

    With new features on all models, such as Custom Flow Balance, customizable joystick function buttons, new work modes, and Trimble-Ready components, the new X4S captures improved efficiency and up to 5% improved cycle times. Additional options such as HD arms, WAVES +, reversible engine fans, and Precision Grade on select models add to the perks of owning and operating a Link-Belt excavator. Dynamic Stability Control, Payload, Height and Depth Alarm, and even a digital level, are all standard equipment on our Premium 220 X4S machine.

    An all-new 190 X4S excavator features a 120-horsepower Yanmar Tier 4 final-compliant engine. Boasting an upsized undercarriage compared to its little sibling, the 170 X4S, the 190 X4S offers superior lift performance, improved stability, and productivity.

    “The new X4S line, with a focus on performance and innovative features, delivers up to 17% increase in engine HP and 19% improved fuel economy over its predecessor,” said Adam Woods, General Manager of Innovation and Product Portfolio Strategies at LBX. “With this performance and efficiency improvement, many OEM’s would stop there, but Link-Belt Excavators didn’t. Now the customer will get WAVES, our Wide Angle Visual Enhancement System, with 270° birds-eye view, standard, therefore improving site awareness.

    The Link-Belt X4S Series of Excavators delivers improvements in engine power (up to 17%), fuel efficiency (up to 19%), and improved cycle times (up to 5%). The wide-angle Visual Enhancement System (WAVES) is now standard with a 270° bird's- eye view, improving site awareness and safety.

    A newly designed cab has customizable joystick switch layouts, 4 new work modes, and technologies such as Custom Flow Balance, allowing the operator to prioritize hydraulic functions based on application. With Trimble-Ready components, the new X4S captures improved productivity. In addition to these advancements, the spacious cab offers exceptional ergonomics and comfort. 

    Road Widener Curb Backfiller for FH-R Attachment

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    Road Widener offers the Curb Backfiller accessory for the FH-R material placement attachment. The accessory extends to the left or right of the FH-R and dispenses material over the curb to backfill with dirt or aggregate.

    Paired with the FH-R, the Curb Backfiller supports safety by replacing a backfilling method typically done manually by workers with shovels. Crew members can operate it with the original FH-R remote, reducing the number of needed laborers to just one.

    “We recognize the tremendous labor shortage our customers are facing; and it’s taking a toll on their ability to complete work. We have always sought to design solutions to limit labor and increase safety,” said Jeremy Dehnel, Road Widener LLC director of sales. “This really comes down to efficiency and how the Curb Backfiller accessory accelerates project timelines, increases safety and cuts out unnecessary steps in the backfilling process.”

    The Curb Backfiller attaches to the FH-R and can fill on the righthand side by default, or the left, with dual configuration. It provides a clean process by backfilling curbs and keeping debris off the roadway. This not only removes the manual labor aspect of backfilling projects, but also eliminates the cleanup process. Backfilling with a bucket or shovel scatters material outside the curb, requiring a final cleanup step.

    The Curb Backfiller accessory eliminates the need for street sweepers. Contractors can use their host machine without having to haul in additional, heavy equipment. The Curb Backfiller can be used in residential developments with new curb and parking lots with green space requiring backfill.

    Furthermore, the accessory keeps new curbs intact with a protective wheel that prevents the accessory from scraping against the curb.

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