X4S Excavator Series

The Link-Belt 170 X4S, 190 X4S, 220 X4S, 260 X4S, and 300 X4S are available in the US and Canada.

Link Belt 170 X4 S 01
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The Link-Belt 170 X4S190 X4S220 X4S260 X4S, and 300 X4S are available in the US and Canada. The new “X4S Series” excavator features design improvements to increase durability, performance, serviceability, and operator comfort.

With new features on all models, such as Custom Flow Balance, customizable joystick function buttons, new work modes, and Trimble-Ready components, the new X4S captures improved efficiency and up to 5% improved cycle times. Additional options such as HD arms, WAVES +, reversible engine fans, and Precision Grade on select models add to the perks of owning and operating a Link-Belt excavator. Dynamic Stability Control, Payload, Height and Depth Alarm, and even a digital level, are all standard equipment on our Premium 220 X4S machine.

An all-new 190 X4S excavator features a 120-horsepower Yanmar Tier 4 final-compliant engine. Boasting an upsized undercarriage compared to its little sibling, the 170 X4S, the 190 X4S offers superior lift performance, improved stability, and productivity.

“The new X4S line, with a focus on performance and innovative features, delivers up to 17% increase in engine HP and 19% improved fuel economy over its predecessor,” said Adam Woods, General Manager of Innovation and Product Portfolio Strategies at LBX. “With this performance and efficiency improvement, many OEM’s would stop there, but Link-Belt Excavators didn’t. Now the customer will get WAVES, our Wide Angle Visual Enhancement System, with 270° birds-eye view, standard, therefore improving site

awareness. Other features within the newly designed cab are customizable switch layouts for the joysticks, 4 new work modes enabling increased efficiency and productivity, and technologies such as Custom Flow Balance, allowing the operator to prioritize hydraulic functions based on application. All of this, coupled with a standard Precision Grade ready spec, are examples of the focus Link-Belt Excavators put into X4S to make this machine the performer our customer base has come to expect.”

In addition to these advancements, the spacious cab offers unprecedented ergonomics and comfort. A high-back seat with air, tilt, and heat features is standard. Adjustable pivoting armrests, headrests, seat height, and lumbar support provide operators comfort on long workdays.

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