Congress, Trump Administration Say Gas Tax on Table to Fund Infrastructure

Morning Consult

The Trump administration on Wednesday signaled it would prefer to rely on private funding or public-private partnerships for infrastructure projects, but also said a tax on gasoline is not off the table.

At a Senate Environment and Public Works committee hearing on Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao provided scant details about federal funding for the government’s infrastructure plan, saying more details would come by the end of the month.

At a Chamber of Commerce event on Monday, she said the administration’s infrastructure plans will rely primarily on private financing in addition to $200 billion of taxpayer money.

But when asked directly about a gasoline tax to fund the administration’s infrastructure priorities, Chao said, “Nothing is off the table.”

Speaking to reporters at a separate infrastructure hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), the former chairman of the committee, also said lawmakers would consider every option, including a gas tax.

The Trump administration has touted rebuilding the nation’s aging roads and bridges as a key priority. Chao said the government expects a legislative package on this in the third quarter.

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