Meika Wahlstrom Wins Volvo's Working Iron: Asphalt - Road Institute Sweepstakes

M.C.E. Dirtworks Inc. won tuition for two at Volvo's Road Institute through Volvo's Working Iron: Asphalt - Road Institute Sweepstakes

Volvo Iron Mark

Volvo Construction Equipment is pleased to announce winners of the Working Iron: Asphalt - Road InstituteSweepstakes. The grand prize winner is Meika Wahlstrom, vice president and manager of M.C.E. Dirtworks Inc., Eastham, Mass. As the recipient of the top prize, Wahlstrom will receive two round-trip tickets with a choice to attend the Chambersburg, Pa., or Phoenix, Ariz., training facility with tuition for two at Road Institute, four days and three nights' stay, a rental car, a $400 Visagift card, and two Volvo jackets.

Wahlstrom entered the Road Institute Sweepstakes and was selected by random drawing. Three additional random drawings were held during the months of February, March and April with the monthly winners receiving Volvo promotional merchandise.

“I entered the sweepstakes because my husband, Mike, and I feel strongly that training is of tremendous value," says Wahlstrom.

M.C.E. Dirtworks was founded by Wahlstrom’s husband, Mike C. Escher, 18 years ago. For the first couple of years, Mike completed driveways and small parking lots by hand while saving to purchase a used paver. Today, M.C.E. Dirtworks Inc. has seven employees with annual gross revenues of $1.8 million. Attending the Road Institute from M.C.E. Dirtworks will be Mike Escher and Ryan Sverid.

“Most people occupy their evenings watching television, sports or other activities,” says Wahlstrom. “Mike and I sit up at night and read asphalt paving magazines. I guess that makes us paving nerds of sorts! We like to think of it more as being passionate about our business. The opportunity to attend Road Institute training course will certainly be beneficial.”

In addition to the grand prize winner, Volvo also announces winners of the three random monthly drawings: Daniel Hopkins, Force Inc., Indiana, Pa.; Robert Jorgensen, Country of Two Hills, Two Hills, Alberta; and Troy Simpson, Dynamite Paving and Sealcoat LLC, Phoenix.

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