Booster Heaters

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Heatecinc 10073244

Heatec booster heater at an asphalt terminal.

  • It is used to increase temperature of asphalt on demand as it is pumped through the heater coil to loading racks and into awaiting tankers
  • It boosts temperatures up to 80 degrees F above its inlet temperature
  • Saves considerable amounts of energy because the asphalt is stored at a temperature somewhat lower than the temperature needed for delivery to HMA plants
  • Can also be used at HMA plants to boost the temperature of asphalt while it is unloaded from a tanker or as it is used from storage tanks
  • The heater can also be used to boost asphalt temperatures for polymer blending operations at asphalt terminals and roofing plants
  • It has a helical coil that is easily drained after use
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