Pro-Deck Vibrating Screen Optimization System

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W.S. Tyler's Pro-Deck approach includes vibrating screens using modular screen media benefiting clients from the flexibility of modular panels in combination with the Pro-Deck approach for extended screen life and higher production rates.

  • Five-step process that implements vibration analysis and modification strategy
  • Professionally blend multiple types of screen media on a single deck
  • Incorporating more than one type of screen media extends the life of the screen media while also enhancing efficiency
  • Pro-Deck approach helps eliminate blinding, pegging and premature wear that cause unscheduled downtime
  • Generally customized to every application 
  • Often manufactured in 1x1, 1x2, and 1x4 sized panels
  • Formulated with rubber, polyurethane or a wire and polyurethane hybrid blend
  • Modular panels are lightweight, easy to handle
  • Designed to be snapped in or installed with a built-in pin and sleeve or groove system, making screen media changeouts quick and simple
  • Single person can perform changeouts safely 
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